1 乾 Ch'ien
The Creative–Forces of Divine Action–Heaven Over Heaven

L1chingIs there anything above heaven? All yang lines form the structure of heavenly strength. One heaven towers over another heaven. Auspicious, fruitful, and uplifting aspects are watching over your creative forces. Inspiration is at hand. The blank pages of an author with writer’s block fill in no time. Your productive self accomplishes what was at one-time unobtainable. Each yang line supports another yang line with unnatural strength. Force over force or heaven over heaven takes your goals to new heights of power. Power exercised with caution instills loyalty and reverence in your kingdom. If power abused, your supporters lose trust. One must persevere to accomplish. If easily discouraged through anger and haste, creative endeavors will be unsuccessful for everyone involved. This is an all or nothing situation. Either you have the great strength of sincerity and rectitude or weakness will dilute this almost indomitable structure. You can be the hunter of your creative forces or the hunted. You can be the slayer who can manipulate this dazzling force over force or heaven over heaven, or the slayed from the misuse and abuse of improperly wielded power. If you live by the sword, you eventually die by the sword.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Magician is willful power that creates and transforms opposing forces into infinite possibilities, and contrary to the Fool, who is ignorant of these forces, transmutes zero into one.
The Emperor is the energy of strength, structure and organization.
King of Cups is a fair leader who is loved by his subjects.
Ten of Cups reveals a glimpse of heaven over the rainbow.
Eight of Swords is abuse of power that ensnares you in its labyrinth.
Ace of Wands marks the beginning of heavenly good fortune for fruitful endeavors.