10 履 Lü
Treading Conduct–Continuing–Heaven Over Lake

L10chingWatch your step to let sleeping dogs lie. Do not instigate trouble with inappropriate conduct. Treading can be stomping and crushing something under foot or treading water by keeping your head above water to avoid drowning. Crushing is stalwartly behavior of strength, and treading water is to conserve strength. The strong over the weak are close. Be the knight errant who searches the land to prove his chivalric virtues. Lightly tread over land and on water at this time.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Strength is lightly treading.
The Chariot strives to control his emotions through discipline.
Knight of Cups is the unabashed seducer.
Seven of Cups holds the drug of temptation.
Five of Pentacles points out that negative emotions fuel hardships and misfortune.
Seven of Swords warns against the abuse of power.
Ace of Swords must conduct himself well for success.