12 否 P'i
Standstill and Obstructions–Stumbling Blocks–Heaven Over Earth

L12chingMany types of barriers exist. A barrier island protects the land from destruction. Languishing in idleness brings decay induced from barriers. There are five directions in Tao forwards, backwards, right, left or standing still. Standing still can equate to equilibrium rather than indolence. At this time, accept obstacles and obstructions because the inferior people are ascending while the superior people are descending. Difficulty breeds simplicity. A complex situation requires one to review, rethink, and restructure. An environmentally conscious person reduces, recycles, and reuses their refuse. You need to throw out what is not working for you, recycle bits and pieces of salvageable resources, and reuse the ones that are working for you. Stumbling blocks are not necessarily a negative stance or bearing. You will find that renovating situations or ideas will avoid many expensive problems in the future.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Five of Cups needs to review, rethink and reconstruct for hope.
Eight of Cups blows the wind out of your sails and drops you into the pits of lethargy.
Seven of Pentacles suggests to standstill and review before proceeding.
Two of Swords throws stumbling blocks in your path.