13 同人T'ung Jên
Rapport in Fellowship–Relationship Harmony–Heaven Over Fire

L13chingCompanionship, friendly relations, acquaintances of comparable ilk, community interests, and religious communion arise to achieve unified goals. Camaraderie, good-fellowship, forged in trust acts in harmony. If you do not trust, you’ll never be trusted. Everyone is on the same sheet of music. The driving force of concordant interests bonds the group. One solider standing alone is not an army or even a force. Strength in numbers brings victory over solitariness. The one yin line symbolizes that the group force overcomes their minor differences. Cohesively working as one is more productive than each individual part if governed by a fair leader. All work for the greater good of the corps.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Hierophant focuses on orthodox group fellowship.
Two of Cups teaches you to dance together in harmony.
Three of Cups are members of a community working together for the common good of the group.
Three of Pentacles is a group working in unison.