15 謙 Ch'ien
Humbling–Unassuming Modesty–Earth Over Mountain

L15chingHumility is misconstrued as insignificant, but the true meaning is respect. When you realize that you are a speck in the universe, then you humbly gain respect for the grandeur of the heavens. A human is one small cog in the spinning wheel of life. If you are conscious of your weaknesses, it makes you conscious of your strengths. You do not boast about your weaknesses, so why should you boast about your strengths? Strength is displayed through virtuous actions. Do not mistake words for actions. Blame forces you to take possession. Humility has no ownership. Mellow out! Remember that just your presence in a situation can change the wheels of the cosmos. No one on this earth is guileless. You cannot be an innocent victim when you act impetuously, but you are never a victim when you demonstrate humility. Bring the fulcrum of the scales of life to equilibrium, for a mere breath upsets the scales. Speak kind words with compassion to create your own sphere of humility.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Four of Cups demonstrates no humility.
King of Pentacles is humble enough not to be greedy.
Six of Pentacles reminds you to help others in need.
Eight of Swords warns against abuse of power.