16 豫 Yü
Excess of Enthusiasm–Providing For–Thunder Over Earth

L16chingBountiful winds can blow good things your way. Enthusiasm is contagious. You and others sweep away on a magic carpet ride. The giddy crowd is seeking new opportunities to grow and expand, as swollen balloons pumped up with helium are eagerly seeking the sky. The balloons are set free to wander and explore to discover new territory in a carefree and unruffled manner. An enthusiastic belief that the universe will provide keeps the excitement going. Outgoing enthusiasm draws people from all walks-of-life and instills passion that spreads like wildfire. The flames of fervor are hard to extinguish once the fire is roaring.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Star is inspirational.
The Sun arouses enthusiasm.
Three of Cups celebrates accomplishment with enthusiasm.
Six of Cups instills enthusiasm while leaving behind the past and looking ahead to the present.
Ace of Wands inspires people to greatness.