17 隨 Suí
Following–Lake Over Thunder

L17chingFollow, lead, or get out of the way. Following can be interpreted in many ways. Are you predatorily pursuing, going along with the crowd that shares your same beliefs, or a devotee of a certain person or group? If you are predatorily pursuing, remember that the hunter can become the hunted. If you are following a group with shared beliefs, remember the authority of the leader is nothing more than influence and control. Fair and honest leaders must worry about his followers’ well-being over themselves and their comforts. A devotee of a person or group must ensure that the revered is worthy of your reverence. Whomever you follow, you must act in a proper way for success. Good spirits watch and follow you. Front and back follow each other. Following has no end.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Emperor is a fair leader.
Knight of Cups leads and has a devoted following.
Three of Pentacles must have followers on the same sheet of music.
King of Swords has a following of justice.