18 '蠱' Ku
Correcting–Restoring Decay–Mountain Over Wind

L18chingAn unmaintained home decays. Rust grows like cancer, and rubber parts vanish. If no vigilant repairs made, repairs that are more expensive will eventually require your attention. The roof leaked and water and mold damage appeared. The foundation cracked and water corrupted the structure of the home. Before things get out of control, the home must be restored or cut your losses and run–but to where? You have to live somewhere. Corruption comes in many forms. If political or personal corruption goes out of control, tyranny presides. The cancer of corruption has undercut our societies and individual families alike. Avoid or cut out the cancer of moral perversion, and decay will ceased and growth will begin.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Eight of Cups encourages correcting emotional decay and balancing your affairs.
Six of Cups walks away from the past for hope in the present and future.
Five of Cups faces grief from decay and ignores hope.
Four of Pentacles warns that you should not become corrupt.
Five of Pentacles suggests hardship breeds misfortune.