19 臨 Lin
Approaching Waves–Nearing–Earth Over Lake

L19chingFeathering your nest in a time of abundance compensates for the lengthy times of dearth. When huge waves approach the coast, surfers race to the beach to ride them. They ride wave after wave until the ocean calmly ebb and flows. You might have fallen off your surfboard a few times but stayed afloat more often than not. As the squirrel with winter approaching, this is the time to gather your nuts for storage. Winter will come soon enough, and the nuggets of nutrients will be frozen and covered with snow. Success comes with foresight that this is a time of abundance. Be thankful for your bounty and share your saved bounty in times of hardship with others.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Wheel of Fortune brings a time of abundance.
King of Pentacles earns his money but is not greedy.
Ace of Pentacles heralds good fortune.
Ace of Wands has you on the cusp of great good fortune.