2 坤 K'un
The Receptive–Acquiescence of Open Flow–Earth Over Earth

L2chingYou have to perceive and receive in this receptive moment. All yin lines pack the power of the mystical gateway of woman. If used gently, the energy will never exhaust. Drawing out the message without drawing attention to yourself gives you unacknowledged grace and dignity. The beautiful woman’s face hidden behind the gossamer veil brings intrigue and curiosity. If power asserts itself at this time, ennui and disinterest arise. Allow your open mindedness to be the receptive vessel for you to drink from its well. Deep waters hide turbulence or tranquility. Do not underestimate the power of an Empress who can catch the attention of her Emperor and gently guide his stanch, uninformed opinions to the mysteries of the true reality. The Emperor may acquiesce without protest once he understands all the issues involved in his decision. Although men like to think they govern their household, women run the house. A few quiet words spoken at the right time draws more notice than those roared with thunder. Stay gentle and calm.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The High Priestess speaks of the veiled mystery of the inner self, imbues the mystery of balance of the opposing forces, and is the gateway to otherworldly realms.
The Empress inspires you to cultivate your spiritual understanding into the material world.
Queen of Cups offers her woman’s intuition as a great advisor and brings good tidings.
Queen of Pentacles brings motherly love and shares her wealth.