21 噬嗑 Shìh Ho
Gnawing Bite–Chewing–Fire Over Thunder

L21chingDo you believe everything you read? Was the article that you read this morning telling the truth? Did you question the veracity of your last conversation? If not, then you might be an educated fool. Don’t believe everything that you read and hear. Making discretionary judgment calls about the motives of the writers and speakers displays wisdom. Their rhetoric may sound appealing, but does their message even remotely apply to your life. Not everything is one size fits all. Discern that what works for others, may not work for you. Recognize and analyze the core of the matter before you act, and make adjustments for success to follow. Gnaw through deceit and find the truth.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Hermit does not listen to the distraction of others to hear his resounding own voice of wisdom.
Queen of Cups reveals motives.
Seven of Pentacles makes discretionary calls to avoid loss of fortune.
Queen of Swords cuts through to the truth.
Page of Swords seeks truth, kinda.