22 賁 Pi
Grace and Beauty–Mountain Over Fire

L22chingThe beautiful dance of a graceful ballerina comes from work, discipline, and practice. The beauty of the universe just is if you take the time to enjoy its complex intricacies and identify with its beauty. Understand and accept what is greater than you because this brings to light your voyage of discovery. The galaxies, planets, stars, and earth revolve around each other in a graceful dance of beauty. We, as humans, do daily dances around each other, but not all dances are graceful and beautiful. We dance elegant waltzes, simple folk dances, romantic tangos, slam dances, circle-pit moshes, and devastating war stomps. The blessing of grace is unconditional forgiveness, which is beauty in disguise. Work for forgiveness of yourself and others, and you just might see the graceful beauty of dignity.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Empress is beauty and grace as the creator of life.
The Chariot warns to exercise discipline.
Strength is patience.
Queen of Cups exemplifies beauty.
Nine of Pentacles reaps rewards from discipline and hard work.