24 復 Fu
Returning–Turning Point–Earth Over Thunder

L24chingOut with the old and in with the new is the motto. When Dawn’s saffron robes surrender darkness to light, concealed secrets are revealed from the dusky hues of shadows. The gossamer veil lifts to expose what was hidden. The never-ending circle of life or Wheel of Fortune always returns to a familiar position, but nothing is the same in space and time. An ethereal movement or slight shift in the ambiance is inevitable but gradual improvement will persist. The parameters of the paradigm may be the same but the rules have changed, or the parameters are different but rules are the same. Rechargeable batteries eventually exhaust their usefulness and must be replaced. Don’t hang onto the old when new is avidly seeking its place, and don’t let things get to the point of diminishing return before you act.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Wheel of Fortune is the turning point from the spin of the Wheel.
The Hanged Man conquered the struggle from within from death to rebirth.
The Star dissipates the fog for you to see the road ahead.
Ace of Pentacles is the turning point of good fortune.
Eight of Wands is the turning point of rapid change.