25 無妄 Wu Wang
Innocence–Without Embroiling–Heaven Over Thunder

L25chingNo one knows innocence until they have tasted the wrath of true evil; then you are able to understand true innocence. If you never had both–you do not understand the meaning of either. Virtue of purity is unassailable. Virtue is truth. A humble beginning does not necessarily lead to benevolent actions. Compassion in the face of disruptions brings understanding for those who are patient. Unpredictably, an innocent act can led to treacherous ends. Reevaluate your purpose to make sure your intentions are not walking the fine line of naivety from gullibility of outside forces. The devil is very busy.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Devil exposes you to harmful forces from your own actions.
Page of Cups is naivety that acts out of innocence.
Four of Pentacles needs to reevaluate his purpose and be more altruistic.