26 大畜 Ta Ch'u
Great Accumulating–Potential Energy–Mountain Over Heaven

L26chingEvery cogent being starts out life on a level playing field; we all have great potential. How you use this potential is really up to you. Wielding the staff of compassion, virtue, and honesty cuts to the heart and exercises your great potential in a positive way. The capacity of power and your power of creative undertakings at this time must be controlled and utilized to the best of your potential. Humans are complete underachievers. Utilizing your store of creative power unlocks unrecognized talents that can lead to shining achievements. Be the superior person that walks above and not through the fulsome detritus of life.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Ten of Pentacles has success in your hands.
Eight of Pentacles wants you to hone your talents.
Two of Pentacles demonstrates that you must have your undertakings under control.
Eight of Swords can turn the swords to her advantage.
Three of Wands foretells successful collaboration with others in your undertakings.