27 頤 I
Swallowing–Nourishment of Well-Being–Mountain Over Thunder

L27chingGood qi assures positive energy flow and sustains all the life processes for living beings. If the life force is not flowing in motion, the energy becomes static, creating negative qi. The simplified Chinese character for qi is 气; the three lines represent one’s breath on a cold day. Another translation is the steam from cooked rice 米, meaning to provide guests or people adequate nourishment for the living soul. Nourishing the well-being of the body and mind embodies the good qi of health, love, and happiness.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Empress nourishes well-being.
The World brings the bounty of life.
Ten of Cups is the key to familial health, love, and happiness.
Two of Pentacles must remain in motion for balance and smooth dynamic change.