28 大過 Ta Kuo
Great Excess–Critical Mass–Lake Over Wind

L28chingA carelessly used or inadequately ventilated pressure cooker explodes, or more proverbially as Tao teaches, a full cup spills or overflows. A full cup, or too much of something, is as detrimental as an empty cup lacking sustenance. The daily cup of Tao is not a full cup running over. Surfeit, an excess amount of something, brings misfortune. Flash floods in the harsh, desiccated desert inundated by heavy rains from the surrounding mountains sweep away anything in their path. The tsunami wave appears and disappears as fast as it came, leaving destruction in its wake. Moderation tempers overindulgence. One must control oneself before controlling their milieu. Good fortune comes from those following the high ground away from the rushing arroyo of excess. The greatest evil is to want more. Wanting is not to want. Greed is a curse. When you know when enough is enough, then you know enough. Is you cup half full or half empty?
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Emperor epitomizes control and structure.
The Chariot teaches you to build your strength of character, control your emotions, and rise above your destructive excesses in order to drive your chariot in the right direction.
Four of Cups takes things to excess.
Four of Pentacles warns you to overcome avarice.