29 坎 K'an
Gorge–Abyss of Denial–Water Over Water

L29chingLife is not a contest or a competition. You must ford many rushing rivers in life to test your abilities to solve problems and move out of the face of danger. You may dispute the truth, but you can’t change it. I Ching is about change but the truth does not change. Truth is just and just is. Face truths or perilously slip into the abyss of denial. Once ensnared in the entanglement of denial, false truths manifest to explain reality. The challenge is to identify these pitfalls before you fabricate truths. Don’t let your mind play games with you. In ancient Greece, the Delphic amorphism of “Know thyself” is important to keep in mind. When you identify with your imagined or manufactured reality versus true reality, you will avoid denial. The key is to realize what you so ardently wish for cannot be conjured up or manipulated into existence by desire. Yearnings and expectations don’t magically come into being. Dream of embracing hope with both feet on the ground fueled by realistic viewpoints, so you can bravely cross the bridge of each challenge with confidence, instead of falling into gorge of disappointments and false hopes. Confront your problems or they will confront you.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Tower topples your false ego trips.
The Moon has an active imagination.
Page of Cups lives in dreamland.
Seven of Cups lets you imagination run wild with delusions.
Five of Cups is in denial.
Six of Swords suggests leaving your problems behind.
Two of Swords is in denial.
Page of Wands faces his dangers.