3 屯 Chun
Difficulty at the Beginning–Nascent Gathering–Water Over Thunder

L3chingGrowth is measured by nutrients and nurturing because both must exist for proper development. The parents of their firstborn child are nervous and insecure. Are you holding the baby’s head right, did you feed the baby enough or too much, is the baby developing normally? In any new undertaking, you are the parent of this newborn offspring. All these type of questions apply to your new endeavors. At this sensitive time, care in your actions is paramount. Execute a well thought through management plan with a mission statement, goals, and objectives. The goals and objectives may change throughout time, but the mission statement does not. Feed the plan with the right information for confident decision-making and nurture your plan through every stage. Remember, it is not who sows the seeds, but the parent is the one who tends the garden.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Six of Cups is full of blossoming hope for the present and future if you learned from the past.
Page of Pentacles is responsible and willing to work for success.
Two of Pentacles is a chain reaction of changes, but in this unruly atmosphere of change, you demonstrate that you have everything under control.
Ace of Pentacles offers possible gifts of value and fortune, but you have to build your own empire.
Ace of Wands marks the beginning of a fruitful endeavor.