30 離 Li
Radiance–Net of Clinging Fire–Fire Over Fire

L30chingThe legendary phoenix, or fenghuang in Chinese, is a symbol of rebirth, and her eyes personify the sun. The phoenix has a 500 to 1,000 year life cycle. Near the end of her life, she builds a nest of resinous myrrh that ignites her and the nest. A young phoenix, from an egg-shaped ball of myrrh, resurrects from the ashes into the sky to live again. The phoenix represents vision and the brightness of light while collecting sensory information about events unfolding. Second chances are infrequent, so take advantage of this augur. The colors of the phoenix’s feathers represent the virtues of benevolence, honesty, knowledge, loyalties, and decency. The brilliant radiance of fire over fire brings good fortune.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Empress is pleasure of the senses.
The Hanged Man is rebirth from sacrifice.
The Tower clings to old ideas but if you can be overcome them, you experience rebirth.
The Sun is the brilliance of enlightenment.
Judgment is second chances through atonement.