31 咸 Hsien
Conjoining and Attraction–Feelings of Influence–Lake Over Mountain

L31chingKindred spirits share beliefs, attitudes, interests, values, tastes, personalities, thoughts, feelings, and characteristics. Close bonds form through comparable experiences or achieve a higher plane of connected consciousness. The mystic magnetism of attraction argues that like attracts like–but is that always true. Opposite magnetic poles attract each other. Human’s bond from mutual respect and admiration. Perhaps it’s more like energy attracts like energy. Whether this bond forms between a lover, family member, or best friend, you cross the bridge of mutual understanding into a unique spiritual connection. Kindred spirits are metaphorically conjoined twins through heart and mind by different mothers. This person knows you best. In the sphere of influence, this person is the one to consult when you need advice because he or she knows your weaknesses and strengths better than you do. Do not hesitate to ask your kindred spirit when you need to untangle a difficult situation or just need a soul mate’s kindness.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Two of Cups teaches the understanding of self for fulfillment of relationships.
Ace of Cups wears his feelings on your sleeve because he knows that great promise is budding.
Queen of Wands is alluringly attractive.