33 遯 Tun
Yielding with Retreat–Retiring–Heaven Over Mountain

L33chingWithdrawing your forces is prudent. To draw back is retracting. The tortoise pulls his head, legs, and tail into his shell for safety. In this case, conflict is not being played on a level playing field. The opponent has the advantage. Therefore, the superior man must simply move out of the way. Avoiding destructive confrontations is not fleeing but the discreet act of decorum. Allow the enemy to implode himself with spiteful cruelty. If not you, he or she will attack someone or something else in a blind rage. Are you ready to wave the white flag of surrender and retreat to fight for another day? Yielding in retreat brings you into the refuge of a spiritual retreat to recoup your strategies. Advancing the Way is retreating.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Seven of Cups teaches to you discern right from wrong.
Knight of Swords lashes out.
Nine of Swords needs retreat from personal torment.
Five of Swords yields in retreat.
Four of Swords portends healing, restoration, and retreat.