34 大壯 Ta Chuang
Great Invigorating–Great Maturity–Thunder Over Heaven

L34chingVerve, vigor, or spirit best describes this hexagram. Verve is an antiquated word for talent. Talent is the special abilities to achieve the gifts of success. Thunder over heaven generates great power and forceful change. Opportunities to let your talent shine come infrequently so take advantage of this auspicious time. Grab the brass ring as you ride by and fortune will follow if you act without desire. Avoid elan, impulsive acts of haste, or more literally throwing the lance.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Magician reminds you to utilize your talents.
Queen of Cups invigorates with her intuition.
Ten of Pentacles portends an auspicious time.
Three of Pentacles has talent that pays off if you follow the program.
Eight of Pentacles expands your talents.
Two of Wands brings great opportunities.