35 晉 Chin
Prospering–Progress–Fire Over Earth

L35chingThe door busts wide open for progress. Radiant energy mixes and swirls into resplendent developments. Every piece of the puzzle magically falls into place. As above is so below. The cornerstones and foundation are set, the walls are up, and the roof trusses are in place. Now it’s up to you to properly construct the roof. “Properly” means to be socially appropriate, decent, and respectable for the circumstances. If you act with self-interest, the roof will collapse around you. Check the self at the door for success.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Tower collapses if your possessions or beliefs possess you.
The World prospers for The Fool at the end of his journey.
Ten of Cups abounds with prosperity.
Four of Wands foretells of positive ascensions in your life.
It includes all the Ace cards of beginnings and promises.