36 明夷 Ming I
Darkening of the Light–Intelligence Hidden–Earth Over Fire

L36chingAs night falls danger lurks. Is someone or something there? When folly eclipses the light, hidden dangers lurk. Don’t be lead into folly of your own making or through the manipulation of others. It’s so easy to be swept up in the tides of recklessness without thinking straight. Indiscretions are not just mere mistakes but embarrassing blunders. In fact, the ancient meaning of the word blunder means to shut one’s eyes or stumble into something blindly. After one stupid deed or lie, the snowball picks up momentum as it rolls down hill and becomes larger and larger. One small blunder can explode into many small blunders or one very big blunder. Open your eye and see the light of reality as the sun is coming up. Act with discretion.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Fool stands on the precipitous of the danger of folly.
The Star casts light on your path.
The Moon assures you things are not what they seem but her reflected light guides your path.
The Sun signals eclipsing tribulations.
Five of Cups did not act with discretion or his grief is unwarranted.
Five of Pentacles made you lose sight of you inner light.
Ten of Swords is the darkness before the glimmer of twilight.
Ace of Swords imposes justice or supports evil machinations.