37 家人 Chia Jên
Dwelling–Family Members–Wind Over Fire

L37chingFamily members can be your best friends or your worst enemies. Familiarity breeds contempt. The family unit relies on the harmonious interactions between siblings to siblings, siblings to parents, and husband to wife. When the children disagree, fights ensue. When the parents disagree with a sibling, disrespect occurs. When the parents disagree, arguments arise. Every stage of the growing family is marked with ominous challenges and fleeting joys. A house is a structure, and a home is where their hearts dwell. A house is something cooperatively built as is a family between a husband and wife, and a home is where the family interactions transpire amalgamating relationships, connections, communications, and exchanges. Tensions because of family responsibilities pull you in all different directions causing stress in the home. Build the house strong and fill your home with warmth.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Emperor represents the rule of a patriarch of the family.
Ten of Cups ameliorates family affairs with its rainbow of tranquility.
Four of Pentacles reminds you to leave a living legacy for those who loved you.
Queen of Pentacle focuses on familial happiness as she shares her knowledge.