38 睽 K'uei
Polarizing–Opposition–Fire Over Lake

L38chingFire over lake is oil floating on water set afire. The firestorm is a conflagration. More water will not quench this inferno. This maelstrom of mixing fire and water causes turmoil. Opposites can attract or repel. The positive and negative opposing forces are unbalanced and unstable. If this contrary discord is not ameliorated, more mayhem will ensue. The consequence of ignoring these contradictory polarities, if not neutralized, causes great misfortune. You never get old if you die young.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Hanged Man did not oppose the natural laws of the universe.
King of Cups is of two minds.
Knight of Swords destroys his opposition.
Nine of Wand brings difficulty.
Seven of Wands holds his position from opposition.
Five of Wands strives for a balance of peace.