40 解 Hsieh
Taking Apart–Untangled Deliverance–Thunder Over Water

L40chingThe tense atmosphere is waning. A glimmer of order starts the restoration from chaos. Thunder striking water is a frequent occurrence. Problems you have previously shouldered are lightening, and the sun is coming out. Leave the old behind and accept the new. More clarity is in the air. Liberation from encumbrances is approaching, and salvation is within reach. There’s no time to lick old wounds but to heighten healing through virtuous acts to restore health. Always looking back to the past, not walking in the present, and concerning about the future, does not allow you one day of happiness. You are the Emperor or Empress of your kingdom, but you must be an insightful leader. Wise people become great leaders.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Emperor assimilates order out of chaos.
The Sun brings clarity.
Six of Cups reminds you that looking back in the past with fond memories sets you on the path of hope.
Six of Swords sheds the turmoil of the past.
Ten of Wands needs to lighten his heavy load.