41 損 Sun
Diminishing–Decrease–Mountain Over Lake

L41chingWhen something is dwindling, something else is burgeoning. Maybe it’s best to let something fade into the backdrop. Although you might think you can’t live without it, you find that you’ll adjust quickly and wonder why you felt the need for it. Hoarders think throwing an item away is sinful, but if they can find an item squirreled away, would it fit, is it of the right material, or work for the particular need? Give these unneeded things to others that can use and appreciate them. Hoarders discover that once they have cleaned their houses, they can comfortably live in their houses, enjoy backyards once cluttered, and park in garages previously heaped with garbage. Decrease is not a negative aspect but makes room for new and more useful items.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Death warns that if you cannot accept change, it personifies loss.
The Tower is a powerful force of destruction for new to take its place.
Temperance doesn’t want you get to the point of diminishing return.
Eight of Cups is moving on.
Five of Cups incurred loss.
Three of Swords severs ties.
Five of Pentacles experiences hardship.