42 益 I
Increase–Augmentation–Wind Over Thunder

L42chingMake room for increase. Emulate the good and dispose of the bad. Allow the swelling waves of good fortune wash over you. Take this time to expand your dreams into your world of reality. When fostering good qi as with positive feng shui, your health, fortune, and quality of life improve. Keep events in motion for the laws of wind over thunder to work for you. If the energy became static at this time, you will engender negative qi and diminish your chances of positive change. Increase is good if the expansion is pragmatic, and you share your wealth for others to prosper.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Empress inspires a fertile harvest.
Judgment rewards you for acts of goodwill.
The World is fulfillment.
Ten of Pentacles is a time of great increase.
Two of Pentacles keeps things in constant motion for increase.
Two of Wands makes your dreams a reality.