43 夬 Kuai
Breakthrough–Resoluteness, Displacement, and Parting–Lake Over Heaven

L43chingEvil lurks in the hearts of humans. Evil is the absence of good. In Buddhism, the three selfish emotions of desire, hate, and delusion express evil from physical and verbal actions. Evil encompasses more than three basic characteristics and is a mixture of many morally wrong acts that culminate into killing, lying, abusing, envying, deceiving, harming, and believing in false doctrines. The human frailty for evil is insurmountable, and unsurprisingly, humans consciously choose to do evil deeds. The pits of evil are the zenith of manipulation and the nadir of human expression. A conscious effort is required for you to break through the trap of evil and vigilantly recognize evil in your deeds and the deeds of others. Homer quoted in The Iliad, “Once harm has been done, even a fool understands it.” Homer also states, “Thus have the gods spun the thread for wretched mortals: that they live in grief while they themselves [the gods] are without cares; for two jars stand on the floor of Zeus of the gifts which he gives, one of evils and another of blessings.” Choose the gifts of blessings before you become the fool of evils.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Devil waits to ambush you.
Eight of Cups walks away.
Five of Cups was touched by evil.
Ace of Swords will cause misfortune if you support evil.
Six of Wands breaks through for victorious spoils.