45 萃 Ts'ui
Gathering Together–Clustering–Lake Over Earth

L45chingLake resides over earth symbolizing localities where humans congregate and coexist. Camaraderie embodies the feeling of mutual trust and fellowship forged through shared goals and experiences. Solidarity forms as the group unites with a community kinship through the communion of interests, responsibilities, sympathies, and empathies. These spiritual unions and karmic connections are the source of meaning, passion, and purpose. The herding instinct in humans is intrinsic but is not always affable, which is contingent on proper leadership of the group. Charismatic leaders are not always altruistic, and unappealing leaders, at first glance, are not always unsuitable. Even though humans cannot seem to exist together in harmony, they find refuge together from danger in large numbers.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Hierophant bonds the collective alliance of a group.
Three of Cups coalesces the community spirit and group power to enjoy a stress-free timeout.
Page of Pentacles believes in team management.

Three of Pentacles works together as a group.