46 升 Shêng
Ascending–Pushing Upward–Earth Over Wind

L46chingThe small seedling germinates in darkness and struggles upward towards the nurturing sun. Wood is a good example of ascending to the light utilizing the five elements of Tao. Wood feeds fire, fire creates ash and earth, earth bears metal, metal carries water, and water nourishes wood. The alchemy of shifting from one form to the other brings adaptability and success. Trees grow upward towards heaven and become strong and more resilient to outside forces. Progress and growth evolve with slow ascending movements to the light.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Strength patiently nurtures the seedling into the light.
Eight of Pentacles methodically works hard and finds rewards from his labors.
Ace of Cups seeds the garden with the potential for great growth.
Four of Wands is ascension of good fortune.