47 困 K'un
Oppression–Entangled Exhaustion–Lake Over Water

L47chingTyranny conjures up images of unreined excesses of power. Subjugation is lack of freedom from dominance. The despotic nature of oppression inflicts cruelty and injustice. As the sultry tropical heat during summer metes out misery, plagues, and grief, so does heavy-handed reigns by tyrannical rulers. The world is full of despots who cast misfortune on the masses. If spiritual misfortune exhausts the masses, they are defeated. If spiritual strength remains robust against fervent adversities, they are never conquered. People wanting power show their weakness.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Devil oppresses.
King of Swords can oppressively wield excessive power.
Five of Cups embodies grief.
Nine of Swords worries in torment.
Three of Swords is emotional destruction.
Ten of Wands carries an oppressive load.
Nine of Wands meets his adversaries head-on.