48 井 Ching
The Well–Drawing Up–Water Over Wind

L48chingAs the historian Thomas Fuller quoted, “We never know the worth of a well until it’s dry.” Wells and springs are considered scared and a gift from the gods. Various wells are associated with its healing powers and some are wishing wells that grant you your heart’s desire after you paid an offering. Water holds a source of deep emotional energy that needs to be tapped. Life is like well divining (dowsing) in that you are searching for something underground or out of reach. To think well, depth is needed. The prize is the very essence of life. Distribute the gifts of the well to others in need.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Nine of Cups is the Wish Card of the well.
Six of Cups heals from the past for present happiness.
Ten of Pentacles advises to pass your bounty on to others.