49 革 Ko
Molting–Revolution of Transformation–Lake Over Fire

L49chingLeaving something behind ascertains growth. Bird’s feathers are flying, snake’s skins are shedding, and crab’s shells are left to make way for new growth. As the butterfly, a metamorphosis is occurring. The transformation from a webbed cocoon to the unfurling beauty of the butterfly is awe-inspiring. The abused ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan. Unbeknownst, the ugly duckling was unaware of his transformation until he saw his own reflection in the lake. He spreads his elegant wings for flight with his family as a new member of their flock.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Magician transforms the material world by his will as if by magic.
Death is transformation from death to life.
Page of Swords is unknowing of his full powers but takes advantage of his opportunities.
King of Wands portends spiritual transformation.
Knight of Wands is vibrant transformation of sudden changes.