5 需 Hsü
Waiting for Water–Attending–Water Over Heaven

L5chingRain will come when Mother Nature deems the conditions are right. Rain dances, incantations, and prayers will not hasten the rain. Patience is the virtue of water over heaven. Doing nothing is a decision as much as taking action. Observing the natural course of events requires more patience then racing in front of the cart. You must contain impatience while waiting for the rain, for the good or the bad. It will eventually come. The Taoist “without action” philosophy of Wu Wei allows things to run its own natural course, and the Wei Wu Wei paradox is action without action or effortless doing. Keep in mind, good can come from others without effort on your part.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Strength encompasses the courage of patience to surrender the beast within.
Wheel of Fortune deems when the time is right through destiny and fate.
Seven of Pentacles reminds you that success runs its own course and do nothing before incurring loss.
King of Pentacles knows when the time is right.