51 震 Chên
Thunder Shock–Arousing–Thunder Over Thunder

L51chingUnexpected thunder instills fear. Without warning, the damage of destructive habits strikes like thunder. You can interpret the word “habit” as–got to have it. But do you really need this harmful vice? Alarm bells go off and dread turns to panic and panic to terror. In hindsight, you’re shocked at your previous comportment. Did you lose control, your nerve, your resolve? Calm down and think over how you can rectify this disturbing paradox in your conduct. What is the cause of your adverse behavior self-punishment, self-hatred, attention seeking? Courage is the strength of facing fear, pain, and grief. Valor is the great courage of facing danger. Have the courage and valor to put your best foot forward as you walk your journey in life with purpose and well-being.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Four of Cups is in his cups.
Five of Cups needs the strength to face grief.
Nine of Swords makes you face your fears.
Knight of Wands is the thunder of unexpected change.
Page of Wands faces his fears.
Eight of Wands is sudden change.
Seven of Wands teaches valor, the courage to face danger.