52 艮 Kên
Keeping Still–Bound–Mountain Over Mountain

L52chingQuiescent water begets peace. Clear your mind and meditate over the stillness of the water. Without outside forces, the quiet water makes no discernible change, but under its tranquil surface is a welling spring. New thoughts are springing up from old worn out ways of thinking. You must remain still while quietly reflecting on your new visions. Mountain over mountain is an insurmountable force of stability. You cannot move a mountain or one on top of another, but the fixed location without distraction allows the mind to wander into new territory. Contemplate the meaning of the message. In the center of the wheel there is stillness.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Hanged Man remains still on his spiritual journey for wisdom.
Eight of Cups needs to sail out of the doldrums.
Four of Cups quietly reflects on his excesses.
Seven of Pentacles is the time to do nothing and reflect in hindsight.