53 漸 Chien
Infiltrating–Gradual Progress–Wind Over Mountain

L53chingWater infiltrating through virgin soil cleanses the water, and groundwater accumulates drop by drop, gradually forming a vital pool of drinking water. Gradual progress is more manageable than rapid progress. Everything comes in its appropriate time. Slow and easy motion achieves without great effort, avoids difficulty, and frees you from worries and problems. Infiltrating allows to you to gain access to secret information, and when patiently working with gradual progress, it allows you the time to act decisively. Timing is everything in the scheme of events.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Strength is patience for gradual progress.
Wheel of Fortune implies the timing of destiny and fate, but a gradual turn of the wheel permits you to prepare for difficulties.
King of Pentacles reminds you timing is everything.
Eight of Pentacles is gradual progress through apprenticeship.