54 歸妹 Kuei Mie
Converting the Maiden–Thunder Over Lake

L54chingInfatuation leads to recklessness. The naïve maiden may not be so naïve after all, but you could be acting out of naivety. Suddenly, you find yourself in a compromising situation through your own stupidity. Appropriate relationships through mature actions slowly develop into trust. Even a modicum of control from a rushed infatuation will go far before you overstep your bounds. Don’t monkey around with someone else’s monkey until you find out if someone else owns the monkey. Although you exude sex appeal, keep it in check and act with propriety. Seek purity in love. Rectitude avoids misfortune.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Lovers in the Garden of Eden found themselves in a compromising position.
Knight of Cups seduces the maiden.
Page of Cups is a hopeless romantic.
Seven of Cups reminds you to stay out of fantasyland and not buckle to fleeting folly.