55 豐 Fêng
Abundance–Full Cup–Thunder Over Fire

L55chingTake advantage of the ephemeral time of abundance before it eclipses. The fruit is only ripe on the vine for a short time before it rots. Strike when the iron is hot with thunder over fire. Enjoy the bounty and save for the future or do without. The wave of success washes by and leaves failure in its wake without proper planning. Frugality and moderation means more rewards later when the phase is absent of wealth and profusion. Your bank account sustains you to buy low and sell high. Do not squander your wealth during this time of prosperity. Only fools live for the moment while wise men live for the years ahead.
Associated Tarot Cards:
he Empress offers the fecundity of abundance.
Wheel of Fortune spreads good fortune.
Nine of Cups or Wish Card flows with abundance.
Nine of Pentacles is the apex of success.
Ten of Pentacles is a time of abundance.
King of Pentacles is the gold of success.