56 旅 Lü
Sojourning–Itinerant Wanderer–Fire Over Mountain

L56chingIn the Tarot cards, The Fool embarks on a journey. As the protagonist of the story, he sojourns through the 21 Major Arcana cards and learns on his path the great mysteries of life. Many Tarot decks depict the Fool’s card as 0. He is starting fresh in life and has much to learn on his journey. He meets the material universe of The Magician (1) and spiritual world of The High Priestess (2), encounters the nobility of mother Empress (3) and father Emperor (4), and mentored religion through The Hierophant (5). Then he learns sexual exploration with The Lovers (6), and inappropriate emotions with The Chariot (7), gains patience from Strength (8), inward reflection from The Hermit (9), discovers fate from the Wheel of Fortune (10), responsibility from Justice (11), and sacrifice from The Hangman (12). Then The Fool discovers difficulty with the Death card (13), and then balances himself out with Temperance (14). The Devil (15) and The Tower (16) brings him through ignorance and sudden change. The Star (17) of hope, The Moon (18) of fantasy, The Sun (19) of clarity, and Judgment (20) of rebirth meets The World (21) for the fulfillment of self. So, where are you in your journey? Associated Tarot Card:
The Fool traverses through his journey of self-discovery.