57 巽 Sun
Placid–Penetrating Wind–Wind Over Wind

L57chingThe gentle breeze by the shoreline displays calm, placid water. A soft and yielding zephyr heralds the west wind and springtime with the intoxicating fragrance of hyacinth flowers in the air. A gentle manner ennobles your status and touches the heart of others. The penetrating winds of persistence can move the most unmovable little by little. The invisible winds move the visible clouds with but a breath. Do not become easily upset or excited to allow the insightful wind to penetrate your soul. Those who know the Way are observant, subtle, penetrating, and wise.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Strength is the penetrating little by little that breakdown the most recalcitrant force.
Eight of Pentacles methodically works hard and finds rewards from his labors.
Nine of Wands says persistence pays off.