58 兌 Tui
Joyous Open Lake–Usurpation–Lake Over Lake

L58chingYou choose the pleasure of happiness. Felicity is a state, mood, and frame of mind to be happy. When happy, you involuntarily smile from ear to ear, hum your favorite song, and dance the rumba across the living room while cleaning the house. The contentment of a peaceful state of happiness ultimately brings euphoric bliss followed by good fortune. The world around you vibrates with blithe spirit and carefree jubilance. Success is through happiness. Lake over lake embraces water, the medium of life itself. Usurping freshwater pearls from a lake tenders a prize of immutable beauty. Delightful legends contend that pearls are a drop of rain from heaven, angels’ passage through the clouds, or from a rainbow touching the earth.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Empress is pleasure of the senses.
Ace of Cups portends the coming of happiness.
Ten of Cups is the rainbow of the joyous open lake of happiness.
Queen of Pentacles offers happiness.