59 渙 Huan
Dispersing–Dissolving–Wind Over Water

L59chingEvents are gradually turning towards a different destination. Preconceived ideas never turn out as planned. The heavy fog is dissipating, and you can finally see the road ahead. The prism disperses light into its component colors revealing its true nature. Things are not as they seem. The color the eye sees is the only color reflected back to the eye. Many colors have the same hue but different vividness. You must detect the vivid nuances for the true path that you are seeking.
Associated Tarot cards:
Strength is dispersing your fears while achieving patience.
The Star guides you with the glow of its light down the path of hope.
The Moon assures you things are not always what they seem in its dim light.
Six of Swords plots a new destination for your path.
Three of Swords dissolves relationships.
Two of Swords seeks the blinding truths.