6 訟 Sung
Arguing–Blindfolded Conflict–Heaven Over Water

L6chingYour perception of entitlement conflicts with reality. When imposing your right to commandeer something that has shared privileges, it clashes with the rights of others. Civilizations cannot exist with certain laws. You can’t build your house in the middle of a road owned by others. When you go outside the boundaries of propriety, chaos ensues. Egos clash and adversaries are demanding. When a difference arises, you should be quick to resolve it and have little tolerance for minor issues. If you do not act with compassion, sincerity, and humility–arrogance, pride, and selfishness take the helm. When arguments erupt, it is time to reach to the heart of the matter and find resolutions or at least comfortable compromises for all. When you can meet at the negotiation table without screaming at each other is the first step towards progress. A third party arbitrator, without any conflicting interests, can ameliorate the conflict with new insight. Laws are not meant to be broken, but unjust laws are unenforceable. Seek conciliations, cooperation, and consensus. Mend fences and bury the hatchets. Confucius believed that for men to govern properly they must first govern themselves.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Emperor rules with laws.
Justice imposes the laws of the universe.
Five of Swords cheats you out of victory and walking away allows you to fight another day.
Two of Swords is conflicting forces that bring challenges and obstacles.