61 中孚 Chung Fu
Inner Truth–Central Returning–Wind Over Lake

L61chingPersonal reflection is a deeper form of learning. Facing the truth of reality signals maturity and wisdom. You are no longer listening to those who do not have your best interest in mind but listening to your own inner self. Inner truth heals you and those around you. However, personal reflection is the most painful exercise in a person’s life. It forces you to face facts, identify your failings, and reach to the core of your spiritual and physical broken self. Cast your preconceived ideas into the wind, let others live in dogma, and let yourself live in peace, joy, and happiness with the truths of the universe.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Hermit takes his journey to within for understanding, insight, and wisdom for enlightenment.
Queen of Cups contemplates the truth in her cup.
Queen of Swords perceives lies.
Three of Swords seeks painful truths.
Two of Swords seeks the blinding truth.