63 既濟 Chi Chi
Already Fording–Completion of Completion–Water Over Fire

L63chingYour work is not finished. Completion is just one stage in the ever-evolving ventures in life. Once you have grown produce for trade, you must package, ship, and promote your harvest. Business is not done until the exchange of money or bartered goods is finalized. Water over fire extinguishes fire, so there are no more vital forces of light and heat. More work kindles the forces to complete the cycle from what you have already completed. Walking this path took you to an endpoint but not an ultimate endpoint. Fulfillment will come when you enjoy the reciprocation from your labors. When you have harvested your crops, you have to prepare the soil for next year’s crop or fallow, leaving the land idle. Completion is one minor achievement well done with more to complete. The never-ending cycle of life does not allow you to stop work but move to the next completion. Entropy is the movement from order to disorder or disorder to order. This might sound discouraging, but absolute disorder is death. Once equilibrium is achieved, the only path you can take is to strive for the next equilibrium. The longer the path you walk exposes you to different horizons and new beginnings. It really is your choice to choose the length of your path to achieve your goals. If you stop achieving, a bored person becomes boors and boars. The boar can be an indolent animal. Become the optimistic and friendly boar to bring felicity into your life from each completion without hesitating to move forward to the next completion. In the end, one small completion is happiness that works towards another moment of joy from the building of another completion. To look for life is to find death. Enjoy your completions with humility.
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Star sets the course for more work needed.
Knight of Pentacles brings projects to fruition.
Eight of Pentacles is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labors.
Four of Wands is a time of rest to enjoy your accomplishments.
Three of Wands is success in commerce, trade, and enterprising endeavors.