64 未濟 Whi Chi
Symmetry of Complete–Not Yet Fording–Fire Over Water

L64chingNearing the end of a cycle, the ever-growing completion merges with the incomplete for you to ford the waters into new horizons. Build on what you have already learned in the past. No finishing point is demarcated but a seamless mergence unites you to the next stage. The Rotunda Fortuna, Wheel of Fortune, is spinning. However, the Goddess Fortuna changes the position of fates on the wheel as it spins. You may believe this is random, if you want. Old roads traveled lead to the fork of new road discoveries. The balance of life is changing to unveil revolutionary prospects. Pioneering this transformation requires preparations, adjustments, and the wisdom to ride the positive flowing tides. Evil in the past can be transmuted into good fortune in the future. Disorder makes way for a semblance of order. Anarchy bows it head to the calm feeling of fresh beginnings. The bridge to this new transition is now open to traverse, but the past will still holds you back, if you let it. The baby bird flies from the nest for a new beginning but is not fleeing. Do not swap one bad situation for another. Equilibrium is acquired in the balancing the scales of life. Uneven terrain of the earth captures the warmth of the sun, the warm air rises, and clouds form. Clouds can be from heaven and bring good weather and clarity, or from hell that brings stormy torment with misery in a murky haze of confusion. The Dragon is the ruler of the weather and can breathe the clouds of ambition and perseverance initiating success and growth. On the other hand, the Dragon’s breath of fire can impart impatience and arrogance causing intolerance and unrealistic goals that brings a maelstrom of misfortune from fire over water. Which breath of the Dragon do you choose?
Associated Tarot Cards:
The Fool takes his first step on the path of completion.
The Magician brings about the material world’s transformations.
Wheel of Fortune is spinning for new challenges of chance.
Judgment is the end of a beginning and the beginning of an end.
The World completes the journey for the Fool and his never-ending journey to reach a higher plane.
Five of Wands searches for the meaning of life after riches and fortune.